Chateau Saint Nabor

Vintners from father to son for 6 generations, the Castor family is a perfect example of continuity and tradition. The history of this Rhône Valley family estate goes back centuries, and their tasting room is located in part of an ancient cloister on their property from the 11th century to prove it.

To the Castor family, vineyards are of the utmost importance. Agriculture on the estate is conducted in a manner in which the environment is respected – “Agriculture Raisonnée”. This is done to express the terroir in each wine, rich and unique to each plot. The terroir is very diverse, with soils on the terraces composed of chalk and clay producing powerful and well structured wines, while the soils on the lower hillside are sand and clay, producing light and aromatic wines.

Classified roughly as 50% Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée and 50% Vin de Pays, the Chateau Saint Nabor wines are very characteristic of the Côte du Rhône appellation. Vineyard plantings consist of 65% red grapes and 35% white.


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VIN DE PAYS DU GARD GRIS DE NABOR ROSÉ- Château Saint Nabôr (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2017, 2018

89 Points – Best Buy – BTI/ (2012 vintage)

83 Points – Wine Spectator (2012 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: 50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 20% Tempranillo Bright Raspberry Pink

PALATE/BOUQUET: With a bouquet of red honeysuckle and white florals with bright acidity and a hint of strawberries and minerals, this wine will pair excellently with mixed salads, appetizers, and barbecue.

VINTAGE NOTES: The grapes were harvested at a perfect balance between sugar and acidity, fermented at a low temperature, and bottled early to retain the wine’s fresh character.


Available Vintages: 2014

Gold Medal – Concours des vins Orange (2013 vintage)

SIlver Medal – 2014 New York World Wines & Spirits Competition (2012 vintage)

Silver Medal – 2015 TEXSOM International Wine Awards (2017 vintage)

89 pts – 2018 Wine Enthusiast (2014 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: 50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre, 15% Carignan, Black with Crimson Hints

PALATE/BOUQUET: Bright and deep, the nose is dominated by black pepper followed by over-ripe black currants while concentrated red fruits explode on the palate. Pairs excellently with wild pork, stews, and soft cheeses.

VINTAGE NOTES: Made from strictly selected blocks of old vines with low yields, this full-bodied and smooth wine will age beautifully for 6 to 8 years.

CÔTES DU RHÔNE TRADITION RED – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2017, 2018

91 Points — Exceptional – Best Buy – 2013 World Wine Championships – (2012 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: 65% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 10% Carignan, 10% Cinsault, Garnet Red / Ruby Tints

PALATE/BOUQUET: Both the aromas and the flavors of this wine are dominated by ripe red fruits with a touch of leather. With elegant, well-structured tannins and moderate alcohol, this wine pairs well with red meat, turkey cooked in mustard sauce, or braised lamb.

VINTAGE NOTES: This elegant and balanced wine is delicious today, and will hold for up to four years.

VIN DE PAYS D’OC CHARDONNAY – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2014, 2017, 2018

87 Points — Silver Medal and Best Buy – Beverage Tasting Institute – (2012 vintage)

84 Points — Wine Enthusiast (2016 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: 100% Chardonnay, Bright, with Light Gold Tints

PALATE/BOUQUET: The nose is elegant, with rich exotic fruits enhanced by crisp apple aromas. Crisp, fresh, and easy-drinking, we find notes of pineapple and banana coupled with a well-balanced body. To be served with sweet and spicy Chinese food, pork chops with onion and garlic, or with an apricot tart. Also excellent on its own.

CÔTES DU RHÔNE VILLAGES CUVEE PRESTIGE – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2013, 2016

BLEND/COLOR: 50% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre and 15% Carignan

PALATE/BOUQUET: This wine has a dark red color with purple hues. On the nose it is powerful, yet delicate, with intense aromas of red and black fruits and spices. A delicate wooded overtone appears. The taste is supple and powerful, here we find the initial aromas. The tannins bring a remarkable fullness and insure the longevity of the wine.

VINTAGE NOTES: The grapes are harvested at optimal maturity, fully de-stemmed and crushed. Cold soak maceration (10-12°C / 50-54 °F) during 8 to 12 hours to extract color and tannins. The must macerates for 28 to 30 days. Color and tannins are extracted with daily pump-overs and several “rack-and-returns”. The free run wine and press wine are separated until final blend. Ageing in French Oak barrels for 9 months, use of neutral barrels to avoid strong oaky aromas and preserve great aromatic balance.

VIN DE PAYS GARD ROSÉ FRUITÉ – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: OUT OF STOCK

BLEND/COLOR: 50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault and 20% Tempranillo

PALATE/BOUQUET: This Rosé is bright and glistening with a raspberry pink tint. It has a bouquet of red fruit aromas and honeysuckle with linden-tree nuances. The wine has a fresh acidity with a sweet body. Acidulous red fruit flavors balances very well with the sweetness.

VINTAGE NOTES: Light extraction achieved by direct pneumatic press. Fermentation at low temperature. After fermentation it is sweetened to 30grs/L of natural grape sugar. Bottled early to retain freshness of the wine.

CÔTES DU RHÔNE BLANC – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2016, 2017, 2018

89 pts – 2018 Wine Enthusiast (2017 vintage)

Bronze Medal – NY World Wine & Spirits Competition (2015 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: 80% Roussanne, 10% Grenache Blanc, 10% Ugni Blanc

PALATE/BOUQUET: The wine is medium to light gold in color. On the nose, the wine offers aromas of white fruits with pleasant acacia nuances. The taste is fresh and crisp, with excellent natural acidity that creates balance and a pleasant mouth-filling texture with a clean finish.

VINTAGE NOTES: Light extraction with direct pneumatic press. Fermentation at low temperature. Bottled early to retain freshness of the wine.

CÔTES DU RHÔNE ROSÉ – Château Saint Nabor (Rhône Valley, France)

Available Vintages: 2018

90 points & Best Buy – Wine Enthusiast (2018 vintage)

BLEND/COLOR: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault – Light raspberry pink with red tile tints.

PALATE/BOUQUET: The nose expresses small ripe red fruits, raspberries and blackberries dominate the aromas and flavors with a fresh intensity. The palate is rich with prune aromas and spicy flavors. Elegant and fresh acidity adds complexity giving this wine a very well-structured body.

VINTAGE NOTES: Bleeding (saignée) of the vat after 8 to 12 hours maceration. Fermentation is temperature controlled.